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"To become a leading and competitive Faculty of Dentistry that produces dental graduates who are skilled in science, excel in the field of research into natural dental products from wetland environments and create professional dentists."

  1. Organizing and strengthening the implementation of competency-based dental education and student-centered learning.
  2. Carrying out research that produces dental science and technology that refers to superior universities, priority needs of local and regional communities as well as national development.
  3. Carrying out community service and disseminating dental science and technology to improve the quality of life of the community.
  4. Organizing education, research and community service based on disease-oriented dental health problems in wetlands.


The geographical location of FKG ULM is in an area where the majority is wetland. 60% of the world's wetlands are peat. The wetland environment creates patterns of community dental health behavior. This encouraged FKG ULM to develop a curriculum with superior research on natural dental materials in wetland environments. The preparation of the FKG ULM curriculum begins with determining graduate profiles, competency standards in accordance with SN Dikti, Dentist Competency Standards (SKDGI), National Dentist Professional Education Standards (SNP2DG). The learning outcomes made are also in accordance with the levels of the Indonesian National Qualifications Framework (KKNI).


Research and development activities focus on wetland environments in accordance with the faculty's vision and mission. FKG ULM always strives to increase lecturer productivity in terms of research with the hope of producing appropriate products to improve people's living standards.


Achievements from Community Service activities carried out by PS lecturers and/ or students must obtain Intellectual Property Rights in the form of Patents, Simple Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, Trade Secrets, Product Designs, Appropriate Technology, and Models/ designs/ engineering or works produced Received recognition/awards from national/ international institutions. Achievements of community service by utilizing natural materials from wetlands as a result of research by FKG ULM lecturers are being developed into output products and community service achievements of FKG ULM. These natural materials are currently being developed to obtain patents or intellectual property rights so that they can be utilized by the public. This process is fully facilitated by FKG ULM.